We’re excited to share with you the new game for Super Street Arcade, Space Raiders.

The game features icons of Christchurch such as the Peacock Fountain, the Cathedral and the Tramway Restaurant that players need to try to save at each level. And like the first game for the system, Space Raiders is a two player game that is free to play, 24 hours a day.

Space Raiders’ gameplay means lots of button pressing because of all the firing that’s needed, so it will get you moving! Getting players outside, moving and interacting was one of the reasons for creating the oversize Super Street Arcade in the first place. We hope people really enjoy playing this nostalgia-inducing game, saving Christchurch icons from an alien invasion.

The first game for the Super Street Arcade that ran from December 2016 until now was Attack of the Cones, designed by local developers CerebralFix. It has been played close to 100 000 times across six months with a total of nearly 3 million button presses.

Super Street Arcade will remain in place until Summer, 2017. And another new game is under development for Summer, too. High school students studying digital technologies have been working on new games for the system as part of CO[DE] CREATE, a Gap Filler educational programme tailored to the Super Street Arcade. These students have received mentoring from developers, CerebralFix as part of their studies. Their games will premiere on the system in September.

Got questions? Ask us: fillthegap@gapfiller.org.nz

Because Attack of the Cones has been so popular you’ll be able to play it online, so come back to this spot this time next week for the link!

Check out the Space Raiders High Score Board here: www.superstreetarcade.co.nz



Brent from Def Logic for being amazing to work on developing the game with. Jen McBride from JnCreative. CerebralFix (Ollie and Joel) for their support with bits of code and tips. Elliot Blennerhasset for help with high score board.