Take your kids on a treasure hunt in the inner city.

A cross between the outdoor hobby of Geocaching and its retro-equivalent Letter Boxing, Gap Cache is a treasure hunt that involves visiting eight inspiring gaps in the inner-city where you can enjoy gardens, make music, play sport and fix bikes whilst in search of a letterbox, box or a secret door that holds treasure and a clue about the site.

Letter boxing is a hobby-pursuit invented on Dartmoor in 1854, which became popular in the 1970’s and is said to be the predecessor to Geocaching. There are over half a million Geocaches worldwide in over 100 countries with six million users. There are even 1291 geocaches in Christchurch!

Caches are situated on sites where projects are maintained by Gap Filler, Greening the Rubble and RAD Bikes. Each organisation will be looking after the letterboxes and keeping an eye on the treasure at their site.  The cache at the Reading Room (a Christchurch City Council project) is maintained by Gap Filler.

Download you copy of the Gap Cache map here or get your paper copy from Gap Filler HQ at The Commons.

How to play

1.  Bring some small pieces of treasure to swap
2.  Bike or catch the bus into town
3.  Find your closest Gap cache and search for a letterbox, box or door.
4.  Open up the box and trade the treasure
5.  Write your name in the log book
6.  Find the next cache

We ran our first Gap Cache in 2015 with six locations and six letterboxes decorated by Year 8 student leaders from Selwyn House School as part of a community art project. The letterboxes were six of 1000 salvaged from the residential red zone and looked after by the Avon Otakaro Network. The remaining letterboxes will be used in a future art installation. For more info visit here

Don’t forget before you head out on your treasure hunt make or gather some small treasures to trade!